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Charity Leaders' Advisory Forum

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Some 17 members attended our final lively meeting of 2016, it was chaired by the deputy WCN Chair, Lainya Offside-Keivani in Sarah Mitchell's absence. As well as the usual interesting updates on new projects and contracts from those attending, Lainya Offside-Keivani reported in depth on the “extremely positive meeting” that she, Jackie Rosenberg and Sarah Mitchell had attended November with Councillor David Harvey. The main points discussed were:

  1. Cllr Harvey is looking at initiating a corporate brokerage role at Westminster council to encourage more corporate involvement from the sector. The exact mechanism for organising this has yet to be decided.
  2. There are distinct possibilities for improving the way ward budgets (currently £46K per ward) work.
  3. The possibility of resurrecting small grants (averaging around 5K from a total of £100K) was mooted. Cllr Harvey said he would discuss with his colleagues what to do about underspends within the ward budgets and if these could be used to support cross borough or cross ward initiatives.
  4. The option of having observers at relevant meetings between councillors and the third sector was also discussed.

See below for a full copy of the minutes from this meeting.

Minutes from the Forum 7.12.16

Minutes from Forum of 8 June 2016

2017 meetings of Charity Leaders' Advisory Forum

2017 meetings of Charity Leaders' Advisory Forum

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