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Employer Partners

Volunteering through Time & Talents is a straightforward and high-impact way for professional individuals to make a difference in the community. We offer companies in the public and private sector a wide range of projects and activities that have a positive impact on people’s lives while encouraging the personal and professional development of volunteers. Our extensive knowledge of local charities in the borough of Westminster ensures we will find volunteering opportunities that match your employees’ skills and interests.

Our community support includes:

  • Employability workshops and mock job interviews.

  • Mentoring and befriending vulnerable adults.

  • Our ‘Skills for Schools’ programme, connecting businesses with our strong network of schools and colleges.

  • Providing PR, marketing, IT or other support to charity staff.

  • Day trips and other social activities, e.g. picnics, sports days, museum trips.

  • Renovating indoor or outdoor community spaces, e.g. public gardens, community halls, school playgrounds.

Creating or improving your employer-supported volunteering programme is an extremely cost efficient way to increase staff job satisfaction, build internal and external networks, improve customer relationships and increase shareholder value. Whatever size your organisation, we can work with you to develop a volunteering programme that suits your business objectives and provides remarkable experiences and outcomes for everyone.

For further details please email Paola Pagliarin or call her on 020 7535 0493.