Small Groups Network

The Small Groups Network had its first meeting on Tuesday 4th December, 10.00am - 12.30 at One Westminster, chaired by the Vice Chair of the WCN - Deqa Salad, CEO of Hear Women.

The first meeting  was attended by Janis Best from Westminster Council - who talked and answered questions about the MyWestminster fund (more details here: )

Discussion about future meetings of the Small Groups Network:

Everyone agreed that the meeting with Janis Best had been very useful, and that it would be good to continue inviting funders who make small grants to small organisations. Agreed to invite Awards for All and John Lyon’s Charity re their small grants. (Also, after the meeting, Tesco Bags of Help got in touch to attend.) 

Advocacy – finding ways to publicise more widely the important work that small groups in Westminster are doing, and especially the reach they have into different communities. Gathering the information/evidence. 

Capacity-building – it was suggested that the Network might be a good place to offer assistance with any governance, finance, monitoring etc. needs. Expertise shared between groups, plus from OW staff. 

Looking further into the future, it was felt the Network could have useful input to any assessment of the #MyWestminster Fund. Meanwhile – a meeting with some of the councillors who are more and less adept at using their ward budgets? 

Time within meetings for information share – news from communities, events happening, planned activities etc. 

  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 2nd April 2019 11.00am-1.00pm