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Support For Groups - Free Training and Events

This page aims to keep you up-to-date with useful info about training opportunities and events inside Westminster and more widely throughout London. Also make sure to check the funding opportunities page for an updated list of local and London-wide funding opportunities.

One Westminster can also help your organisation through the Online Resources section of this website and through our staff team.

Training And Events


Studyzone is an online hub of video e-learning courses for the voluntary sector. You can study at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. Studyzone is completely free to NCVO members and available by subscription or to buy.

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Zoe Amar, Chair of the Charity Digital Code of Practice has teamed up with the Cornwall Museums Partnership to create an e-learning project.

This includes two e-learning modules to help organisations to use the code. The first is an introduction to the code, exploring challenges faced by charities and how the code of practice can help the VCSE sector. The second module looks more closely at the principles of the code and how they can be applied to the learner’s organisation. This includes leadership, culture, strategy, skills, managing risks and adaptability.

You can access both modules on the Cornwall Museums Partnership’s website.


Wednesday 18 December

9:30 – 12:30


Data isn’t just about numbers and statistics, or even stories; it’s about asking the right questions of the valuable information at your disposal, so that you can better meet the needs of the people you support. Small charities and community organisations are capturing useful data all the time. So are local authorities, national government, big charities and companies. Both our own data and that of others can help us understand why our interventions work, ensure policy makers listen and prevent us being overlooked for vital funds. Ultimately it helps us make the right decisions, spotting problems before they happen and identifying solutions in an ever changing political and socio-economic landscape.

This Datawise London beginners course will help you explore core principles which should be used when working with data at all stages of the data journey:

  • collection
  • analysis and 
  • presenting data. 

You’ll learn some key pitfalls to avoid when working with data and you’ll come away with some best practice tips for drawing conclusions, identifying your data’s limitations and presenting data findings.

NB. The providers are not charging for these sessions but there will be a £15 ex VAT charge for no-shows if the Superhighways team isn't notified within 72 hours.

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