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What Time and Talents does

Time & Talents is an employee volunteering service that builds sustainable partnerships between public, private, and community organisations. Through our extensive range of projects, we facilitate the placement of skilled employee volunteers within the local community. Essentially, employee volunteers contribute their knowledge and experience to those in need, providing a range of services including training, mentoring, running workshops or acting as trustees. This direct engagement with local people and charity staff ensures that the work of employee volunteers has the highest possible impact.

Established in 1996, Time & Talents currently works with more than 100 charities, schools, care facilities, parks and other community-focused groups. Our first-hand knowledge and strong ties with local organisations gives us a distinctive insight into community need, allowing our corporate partners to develop unique, long-standing partnerships with third-sector organisations.



  • 1,317 skilled volunteers provided 6,300 hours of their time to the community.
  • 5,053 local people benefitted from our support.
  • 50% of Time & Talents activities were skills based.
  • £48,643 of materials, gifts in kind and donations were made to the community.
What time and talents does

I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge of using social media to help these charities gain confidence in using social media to better reach their target audiences. It was also a fun way to network with my colleagues internally whilst we prepared the presentation and we all thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work across teams."

Employee Volunteer

The volunteers were lovely with our members; they were friendly, patient and supportive. They organised a perfect day out enjoyed by all and provided them with an experience they couldn't otherwise have had."  

Open Age