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Westminster supplementary school


Flat 24 Baltimore Court
70 Vauxhall Bridge Road


  • General public
  • Children and families
  • Young people
  • Carers
  • BME organisations


  • Arts and cultural activities
  • Education/Play (children/young people)
  • Education/Training (adults)
  • Family and parent support
  • Getting people into work
  • Providing food and other necessities
  • Sports
  • Supplementary school or after-school club


Westminster Supplementary School has been serving the local community and providing a high quality tuition in subjects of Maths, English and Arabic language for a number of years. We are teaching , Maths, English beside Arabic language for children aged between 5-15 years old, to the modern standard of British education system. Our Services continued during the COVID 19 pandemic whereby we switched to online and provided our tuition services using both Goole classroom and Zoom online facilities.
Since 2021 WSS successfully is providing holiday activities. These activities are part of DfE plan and funded by City of Westminster, intended to support children who are eligible for Free School Meal (FSM) during schools holiday terms. Our activities included Art & Craft, Cooking and sport activities. All our activities are free of charge. We accept funds, donations and contributions.
Our objectives are:
1- By helping the child to achieve to their potential in the area of their curriculum in the subjects of Maths and English will maximise the impact of civic involvement of the children and by learning to Speaking another language besides English, will increase their confident and provide an active way to engage children with their wider families and each other.
2- Facilitate volunteering opportunities for the local communities reflecting local difference, aiming to create a consistency in service delivery by a dynamic integrated local community based organisation. Improve access and equality of opportunity to a diverse range of volunteers, enhance collaboration to meet the local communities need.
3- Providing occupational therapy to volunteers, in that volunteering will make positive change in all aspect of the life of the volunteers, ranging from social, cultural, economic or environmental issues. Our vision is that facilitating individuals to connect with others and their community will help to build strong and self-sustaining communities leading to a healthy society to emerge paving the way For a Better World. Our mission is constructed from the believe that volunteering enables people to meet each other.