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Employee Volunteering

Our corporate team, Time & Talents, organises programes that match business employees with local charities to carry out projects to benefit the Westminster community.


Following Government guidelines on office working, the One Westminster office is now closed, and all staff are working from home. The Time & Talents programme will still be operating throughout this period, but our main focus will be assisting in allocating the large number of citizens who want to volunteer to activities where they can be of most use.

We think that food security and accessing food is going to be the immediate priority. If your company is interested in providing help, the best thing it can do is to make a financial donation – however great or small – to a local foodbank or food redistribution charity. If you are keen to lend your support, whether it’s through a donation or volunteering, please contact us on

What time and talents does

Time & Talents runs a programme for employee volunteering in Westminster. We facilitate corporate-community engagement with the aim of building sustainable partnerships between public, private and community organisations.

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Business Partners

Time & Talents offers companies in the public and private sector a straightforward and high-impact way for their employees to volunteer and make a difference in the community.

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Community Partners

Time & Talents aims to address the needs of community partners such as charities, schools and other community-focussed organisations that often struggle with limited resources.

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Projects and Impact Reports

At Time & Talents we are proud of our record in the Westminster community. All of our projects are set up and managed by us from start to finish, and deliver consistently high standards of support to those in need.

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