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Business Partners

Time & Talents offers companies in the public and private sector a straightforward and high-impact way for their employees to volunteer and make a difference in the community. We can provide a wide range of projects and activities that have a positive impact on people’s lives while at the same time encouraging the personal and professional development of volunteers. See our projects section for examples of our work with our business partners.  Our extensive knowledge of local charities in the borough of Westminster ensures we can find volunteering opportunities that match your employees’ skills and interests.

Ways Your business can help the local community

Time & Talents will support your staff in delivering:

  • Employability workshops and mock job interviews
  • Mentoring and befriending vulnerable adults
  • Our ‘Skills for Schools’ programme, which connects businesses with our strong network of schools and colleges
  • Providing PR, marketing, IT or other support to charity staff
  • Day trips and other social activities, for example, picnics, sports days and museum trips
  • Renovating indoor or outdoor community spaces in such places as public gardens, community halls and school playgrounds

Benefits Of Employee Volunteering

Volunteering has been proven to give excellent benefits for:

Staff development Getting involved in something different to their daily work, gives staff members the opportunity to learn new skills, take on a leadership role or more responsibility as well as providing invaluable local knowledge about the community where they work.

Staff morale Giving something back to the community improves staff morale. Furthermore, recognition for high quality and high impact volunteering gives employees a strong sense of fulfilment that will help retain great talent in your organisation.

What Time and Talents Offers Business Partners

The service we offer includes:

  • Full brokerage service including liaison with local charities to source suitable event, plus needs assessment to match your corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Full planning and management of each volunteering event, including risk assessment and, when necessary, DBS checks
  • Support to the charity for which the event is being run.
  • Management of volunteer team at the event.
  • Provision of all materials/equipment.
  • Fundraising support to employee volunteer teams via our Local Giving page.
  • All photography, social media and marketing support.
  • Collection of feedback from all participants and beneficiaries.
  • Compilation of a case study (including assessment of the event's impact).

Cost Of The Service

There's a small fee, but we keep costs reasonable as we are a charity and the funds raised from this service are put straight back into the local community.

Time & Talents is a member of the London ESV Network and follows the charter for charities that facilitate business volunteering to achieve full-cost recovery for the services they provide.

Our service fee is charged according to the type of programme companies sign up for:

  • One-off volunteering events for corporate social responsibility days or team-away days, or a series of volunteering projects held over a ‘giving week’ or even over the period of a month.
  • Yearly membership offers ongoing support for volunteering in multiple activities throughout the year. The fee is based on the level of volunteering engagement that your organisation aims to achieve.

For more details or a quote,  please email Paola Pagliarin, Corporate Partnerships Manager or call her on either 020 7535 0493  or  07484 542229.

Whatever size your organisation is, we can work with you to develop a volunteering programme that suits your business objectives and provides remarkable experiences and outcomes for everyone.

For further details please email Paola Pagliarin or call her on 020 7535 0493.